The Event-Driven la1r

This site showcases everything which was implemented in my own home la1r. The goal is to see how much (Realtime) Tracking, Automation and AI still brings convenience and what is just flat-out annoying. Since I'm running this at home, me and people in my environment are my test subjects, please regard all the material and integrations tested as such. All the code that's describe on this site can be found at

Key topics

The following key topics will be touched to showcase la1r:

  • Kubernetes, Docker
  • AI, Automation
  • Streaming (Big Data) pipelines
  • Home Automation, Home surveillance
  • And many more things!

Conceptual documentation

This documentation captures the underlying concepts, goals and roadmap for the La1r project.

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Technical documentation

All the details on how each of the concepts is implemented can be found here. It will also contain details on the roadmap based on the conceptual roadmap.

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Working on la1r is a continuous project & learning experience. I created a planning to ensure la1r isn't a fully unguided experiment, but it is focussed on bringing new and complete features. Read more

Why this site?

I noticed that combining all of these applications into a single integration environment can be challenging to keep all documentation and notes into a single place. To force myself to properly document my steps and also to give back to the open-source community, I decided to publish all of it on this domain. Hopefully it can also help others with similar aspirations. Feel free to share this site with other enthausiasts.

“Please do try this at home”

Since this overview is focussed on sharing, I would like to invite anyone to try everything at home, it will not have insane hardware requirements or require niche hardware setups.

I would also invite anyone to do suggestions on github and to file issues when encountered.


- Seb