Governance Catalogs

Governance Catalogs

Since we are still “simulating” an enterprise environment, and since my own memory is sub-optimal, appropriate governance catalogs need to be setup to fully capture the IT landscape on several domains:

  • Application Catalog - Capture which applications are currently running and are in scope of the la1r environments.
  • Data Catalog - Capture what important data is used where (in the landscape) and again, if it is not in the data catalog it is not regarded as part of the scope of La1r.

The concept of governance catalogs is a reoccurring pattern which large organizations often lack (or at least lack maturity to appropriately apply) in their landscape. A simple principle of “if it is not in the domain catalog, it doesn’t exist” can be regarded in La1r, forcing well-practiced governance.

Wider topic of governance

Since governance is a topic which goes far beyond the reach of a catalog, you can regard this page as far from complete. But to ensure I use my time as efficient as possible, I will (now) not dive too deep into other governance practices